Thursday, February 22, 2007

Boing Boing: Canadian download store has 50,000 DRM-free MP3s for sale -- UPDATED

BoingBoing is reporting that despite a CBC story that offers DRM-free MP3 downloads, they aren't available at all and even block Mac users because of incompatibility with FairPlay. Well, this is half true.

As I said in an email to Cory Doctorow (via his website), the issue is that Puretunes offers up a different store depending on whether you connect from America or from Canada. From America, you get a WMA-only store. From Canada (say, via a Canada proxy like, you get a different store that offers MP3 alongside WMA.

Wish I knew of a single reliable way to get the attention of BB editors. Despite all their vaulting of Web 2.0, their ivory-tower blog is extremely community-unfriendly.


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

WSDOT - 2007 News - I-5 HOV Ramps in Federal Way Quickly Gain Fans in First Year of Service

They forgot to mention that the HOV ramp only leads directly into the transit center for buses. Other vehicles have to turn right, then weave across traffic quickly to take a left at 316th., then another left into the center. There's no sensible reason why cars shouldn't be able to head straight into the east entrance of the center, but they can't.